Transform the shape and volume of your lips with fillers. Choose a half syringe for a subtle, natural enhancement that won’t draw too much attention, or the full, luscious lips you’ve always wanted with our Sugar Lips treatment. Lip injections can bring the fullness and volume you want for your lips. We are dedicated to bringing our patients the best lip augmentation.

Preparing For the Lip Filler Appointment

Expect your appointment to last about 30 minutes, including topical numbing and filler treatment. As far as pain, you may feel a slight pinch and pressure during injection like you would a typical shot. To receive the best lip filler, you will need to prepare for your appointment the best way possible.

What to Expect After the Treatment

You can go about your day right after treatment. You may see a bit of swelling in the first 24 hours, but your results will be visible right away. Try to avoid lip products for a few days to allow the filler settle properly.